Geotecnia, ingenieria y control de calidad


COMAYPA, SA is a company set up in Castellón (Spain), dedicated to Engineering, Geotechnics and Quality Control.

Since its founding in 1979, granting the approval as a laboratory for quality control of diverse civil engineer works, provides technical support to civil services and private clients nationwide in Spain. In 1983 it became into a public limited corporation and develops its work as an Engineering, Quality Control Laboratory and Geotechnical Reporting office.

Since that time Comaypa has developed different working areas, such as Construction Designing, Technical Assistance and Civil Construction Management, Highways, Planning, Sewer and Drainage Systems, Water Supply, Water Treatment, Sea Ports Designing, etc.

Currently our technical office, has a large multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience and highly qualified specialist staff in all areas, such as civil engineers, industrial engineers, geologists, surveying engineers, draughtsmen and own IT department; we also maintain collaboration agreements with several universities and institutes of vocational training, to assist in the training of their students.

In the area of Material Resources has evolved to have high technology, incorporating a computer system with extensive features and equipped with latest updates, including the development of own programs which are processed by all stages involved in the field of Engineering and Geotechnics.

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