The evaluacióny control of the characteristics of the materials used in pavements for urban roads and highways, has gained greater importance over the years. Every day, highlights the quality of the road network as we launch roading.

Comaypa, SA. account for this field with the necessary equipment and qualified personnel with extensive experience. These methods are proposed for both quality control in the execution of works, through proper monitoring realizacióny laboratory testing following the rules, and for the evaluation of the results obtained after , s of its implementation.

Among the work being done in this area include:

  • Classification esplanade.
  • Soil characterization tests.
  • Testing of bituminous binders.
  • Tests in granular layers.
  • Soil stabilized.
  • Gravel treated.
  • Irrigation and bituminous mixtures.
  • Signage vertical and horizontal.
  • Plate load tests.
  • Densities "in situ".


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