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Accredited Areas and GTL GTC

Throughout its long history, Comaypa, SA has carried out numerous geotechnical studies for works of various kinds, both to Civil Works Construction.

To perform these studies Comaypa, SA, has its own machinery to carry out fieldwork, which are developed by highly qualified personnel with years of experience.


All geotechnical aspects are determined by geotechnical desk technicians and structural design, laboratory design campaigns based on each case, which is made in the laboratory of soil are located in our offices.


Finally we proceed to the drafting of reports, which are carried out by specially trained for this purpose.

Among the work being done in this department we highlight the following:

  • Geotechnical study in general construction, bridges, walls, screens, ...
  • Slope stability.
  • Soil improvement treatments.
  • Studies of rehabilitation.
  • Special foundations: piles, micro piles, anchoring, piling, ...
  • Studies sonic pile integrity.
  • Geological studies in general linear works, landfill sites, port works, ...
  • Piezometers.
  • Inclinometers.


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